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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 в†’ How to start the engine using jump leads  

If the engine cannot be started because of a discharged vehicle battery, the battery can be connected to the battery of another vehicle to start the engine. Before using jump leads, check the window on the vehicle battery   .

Jump leads must comply with DIN 72553 (see manufacturer's documentation). The wire cross section must be at least 25 mm2 (0.038 in2) for petrol engines and at least 35 mm2 (0.054 in2) for diesel engines.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Pull-away assist systems (start/stop system)  
  • Preparation for working in the engine compartment  
  • Battery  


Using the jump leads incorrectly or completing the jump start procedure incorrectly could cause the battery to explode which could lead to severe injuries. Please note the following points in order to reduce the risk of the battery exploding:
  • All work on the vehicle battery and the electrical system can cause serious chemical burns, fire and electric shocks. Always read the warnings and safety information before carrying out any kind of work on the vehicle battery   .
  • The vehicle battery providing assistance must have the same voltage as the discharged vehicle battery (12 V) and approximately the same capacity (see imprint on battery).
  • Never charge a frozen or defrosted vehicle battery. A discharged vehicle battery can even freeze at temperatures around 0 В°C (+32 В°F).
  • Have the battery replaced if it has frozen or defrosted.
  • A highly explosive mixture of gases is given off when jump starting the vehicle battery! Always keep fire, sparks, naked flames and lit cigarettes away from the vehicle battery. Never use a mobile telephone when the jump leads are being connected or disconnected.
  • Only charge the battery in a well-ventilated room as the battery emits a highly explosive mixture of gases when the vehicle is being jump started.
  • Place the jump leads so that they never come into contact with any moving parts in the engine compartment.
  • Never confuse the negative and positive terminals or connect the jump leads incorrectly.
  • Observe the instructions from the jump lead manufacturer.


Please note the following in order to avoid considerable damage to the electrical system in the vehicle:
  • A short circuit can be caused if the jump leads are connected incorrectly.
  • The vehicles must not touch each other, otherwise electricity could flow as soon as the positive terminals are connected.
    Starting the engine with jump leads

    How to start the engine using jump leads
    Fig. 225 How to connect the jump leads in starting vehicles without start/stop system: discharged battery в’¶ and battery providing assistance в’· Fig. 226 How to connect the jump leads in sta ...

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