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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Washing the vehicle

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

The longer substances such as insects, bird droppings, resinous tree sap, road dirt, industrial deposits, tar, soot or road salt and other corrosive materials remain on the vehicle, the more damage they do to the paintwork. High temperatures (for instance in strong sunlight) further intensify the corrosive effect. The underside of the vehicle should also regularly be cleaned thoroughly.

Car washes

Please observe the signs on the automatic car wash. Before using an automatic car wash take the usual precautions, such as closing all windows and folding in the exterior mirrors, in order avoid damage to the vehicle. You must speak with the car wash operator if there are special parts on your vehicle such as spoilers, roof luggage carrier systems or radio aerials  .

The paint is so hard-wearing that the car can normally be washed without problems in an automatic car wash. However, the effect on the paint depends to a large extent on the design of the car wash. Volkswagen recommends the use of car washes without brushes.

To remove any wax residue from the windows and to stop wipers rubbing, please note the following points   .

Washing the car by hand

When washing by hand, first soften the dirt with plenty of water and rinse off as well as possible.

Then clean the vehicle with a soft sponge, a glove or a brush using only light pressure. Start with the roof and work from the top to the bottom. Use a shampoo for very stubborn dirt only.

The sponge or glove should be wrung out thoroughly at regular intervals.

Clean the wheels, sill panels etc. last. Use a different sponge for this purpose.


Parts with sharp edges on the vehicle could cause injury.
  • Protect your hands and arms from cuts on sharp parts when, for example, cleaning the underbody or the inside of the wheel housings.


After the car has been washed, the braking effect could set in later than normal and extend the braking distance as the brake discs and brake pads will be wet, or even frozen in winter.
  • You can dry and de-ice the brakes using careful braking manoeuvres. Make sure that you do not endanger any other road users or violate any legal requirements while doing this.


  • The water may be no warmer than +60 В°C (+140 В°F).
  • Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight in order to avoid damage to the vehicle paintwork.
  • Never clean with insect removing sponges, rough kitchen sponges or similar products as the surface will otherwise be damaged.
  • Never clean the headlights with a dry cloth or sponge. They should be wet for this purpose. Soapy water is preferable.
  • Washing the vehicle in cold weather: if the vehicle is rinsed with a hose, do not direct the water into the lock cylinders or the gaps round the doors, boot, or bonnet. The locks and seals could freeze.


Observe the following points before driving the vehicle into an automatic car wash in order to avoid damage to the vehicle:
  • Make sure that the gap between the guide rails in the car wash is sufficient for the vehicle track. If the track is too narrow your wheels and tyres will be damaged!
  • Switch off the rain sensor before driving the vehicle into an automatic car wash.
  • Check that the car wash is sufficiently tall and wide for your vehicle!
  • Fold in the exterior mirrors. Electrically folding exterior mirrors must be moved electrically. Do not fold in and out by hand.
  • In order to prevent damage to the paintwork of the bonnet, fold the windscreen wipers back onto the windscreen after drying the wiper blades. Do not drop the wipers onto the glass!
  • Lock the tailgate to prevent the car wash from causing it to open accidentally.
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